Whom does Legal Aid Ontario represent?

As chair of Legal Aid Ontario's board, Charles Harnick oversaw $14.5 million in cuts to the province’s legal clinic system, affecting clinics offering legal services to low-income community members and helping fight unlawful evictions.

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Undocumented and dying: The patients the system wants to ignore

At a community health meeting in 1999, a Toronto Public Health nurse kept flicking a neatly folded piece of paper to Dr. Paul Caulford, who was the new chief of family medicine at Scarborough Hospital.

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Inside the Indigenous Fight to Reshape Canada’s History

In late July, Tayla Fern Paul stood in front of downtown Halifax’s Edward Cornwallis statue, ready to correct history. For a few minutes, she just contemplated the imposing figure, a monument to the eighteenth-century British general and supposed founder of the city. Then she grabbed a white piece of sidewalk chalk, knelt down, and, with a few strokes, the young Mi’kmaw mother, activist, and artist began to write at the base of the statue.

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‘Birth Alerts’ are colonial tools meant to dehumanize and decimate Indigenous Resistance

To truly decolonize society, the knowledge and experiences of Indigenous peoples must not only be recognized and respected but integrated and embedded into the fabric of our institutions. Listening and understanding is not nearly enough.

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Interview with former UN Special Rapporteur to Venezuela, Alfred de Zayas

In August 2018, Alfred de Zayas' report on Venezuela was published by the United Nations. de Zayas has mentioned previously he believes the the idea of a humanitarian crisis is being weaponized to justify the push for regime change in Venezuela.

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Canada: The Empire’s Shadowy Cousin

The decision from Global Affairs Canada to recognize an unelected, unconstitutionally self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela came “within minutes” of Juan Guaido’s declaration on Jan. 23, the CBC reports.

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Doug Ford's Attacks on Labour are an Attack on Public Health

In an economy based on the extraction of profit from the surplus value of workers, labour laws will always favour employers. Inevitably, workers' rights will be limited and curtailed where profits are threatened.

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How 'invisible austerity' is hurting Toronto's poorest residents

For more than two months, Laura Bardeau and her two sons struggled to receive emergency housing funds from the City of Toronto’s Housing Stabilization Fund after losing their furniture to bedbugs. They were twice turned away, simply told that Bardeau had “excess income.”

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Rexdale community pushes for benefits agreement as best defence against casino expansion

With one day left until the City of Toronto votes on the proposed Woodbine casino expansion, a community and labour coalition has made clear that unless it is made a signatory in a legally binding community benefits agreement, the northern Etobicoke community of Rexdale is not going to give its support to the project.

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Family's Stayed Deportation Highlights Systemic Deficiencies of 'Sanctuary Cities'

At about 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, April 3, Jorge Orozco and his wife Rosalba Solares began to reluctantly pack their bags inside their Toronto apartment. Their seven-year-old son, Julian, stood quietly in the room, watching “in shock” as his parents, who faced deportation, tried to stuff their entire lives into two suitcases.

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Who Gives a Buck About Refugees?

The Canadian Centre for Immigrant and Refugee HealthCare will kick off the summer with a fundraiser at the historic Scarborough Bluffs on June 25 to help launch a mental health support program at the centre.

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